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Find the best quality open head metal detector from china


About OPENGATE It is very affordable and easy to set up. Once it is installed, the system can be stored away and not interrupt work flow. Portability means that more than one location can remain secure throughout the day. OPENGATE metaldetectors can be easily picked up and transported to another location. This allows security to be added in areas previously blocked by stairs or elevators. The convenience and affordability of the OPENGATE weapon detection system are unmatched.

Ceia didn’t sacrifice strength for OPENGATE’s portability. The system can withstand extreme weather conditions, including rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. It is also durable and can run for extended periods of time. This reliable system uses 2 batteries, which are conveniently located at the bottom each column. They can be swapped out or charged whenever necessary for continuous service.

OPENGATE takes just under a minute to become fully operational once it is switched on. It’s ready for any crowds that may come its way. Once tested at 2,500 individuals an hour, the unbelievably high throughput is another benefit, vastly outpacing standard metaldetectors.Thanks to its advanced precision detection, the OpenGatesystem does not require people to put their bags or other carrying items into a separate weapons detection system, speeding up detection time. Metaldetectors used to be able to stop people from moving if they had keys, wallets and water bottles.

Remote management of the OPENGATE technology can be made easier by the OPENGATE application. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating system and allows you to easily set signaling and detection parameters on your smartphone or tablet.

Why should you use OPENGATE

The OPENGATE Metaldetectorsystem has it all: portability, exceptional discrimination abilities, huge throughput rates, affordability, and a game-changing price. Isotec Security is proud to offer this innovative weapons detection system to clients. We also have other great security solutions such as Mantrap Security Doors, Automated Security Doors, Interlocking Doors, and many more that are tailored to your Facility’s form, fit, and functionality. To learn more about how Isotec Security could help protect your business, contact us today!