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School Security Metal Detectors

School security metal detectors are an important addition to any school’s security system. The use of metal detectors at schools has been shown to be effective in preventing gun violence on campus, and they can also be used to keep weapons out of the hands of students.
Metal detectors are not the only option for school security, but they are one of the most effective ways to prevent violence in schools. Schools that have metal detectors report fewer incidents involving weapons or other dangerous items than those that don’t have them. This is because students tend to avoid bringing guns or other weapons into schools where they know there will be a metal detector present.
A typical metal detector consists of an x-ray machine and a conveyor belt or hand-held wand. When something is detected by the machine, an alarm will sound, alerting teachers and administrators that something needs further inspection. The object will then be taken off campus for further examination by law enforcement officers or other officials who are trained to identify weapons and other dangerous items