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Reliable checkweigher manufacture from China

In-Motion Checkweighers There are many types of in-motion weighers. They are also known as conveyor scales. However, they all share one thing in common. They checkweigh items while they are moving, often on a conveyor belt. Many of these in-motion weighers can also be fully automated. The product is brought to scales via the conveyor belt. Depending on its weight, it is either moved forward on the belt to continue production or diverted from the main line for adjustment. In-motion weighers are also known as conveyor and belt scales, in motion scales, dynamic scales, in line scales, or dynamic scales.


Non-food industries can also use static and in-motion checkweighers. You can also have a wide range of resolutions (precision of weights) for the checkweighing system. An example of this is an in-motion weigher that can be used at the end of a shoe packaging process. To check the shoe boxes for the correct weight, a low resolution checkweigher would be used. A high resolution checkweigher can also be used for precise weighing. A pharmaceutical company would require a higher resolution to verify that the right amount of medication is contained in each package.


Static checkweighers


Static checkweighers require that an operator places an item on the scale, reads the scale’s indications for under, acceptable and overweights, and then either keep the item in production or put it aside. A static checkweigher can be used on any scale, but many manufacturers make floor or bench scales that are specifically designed for this purpose. Also known as over/under or check scales, static checkweighers are also called check scales.


A mushroom farm in Putnam (Ontario) uses CW90 checkweighers to speed up its weighing process and maintain accuracy. To make picking easier, the scales can be connected wirelessly to the host. They are mounted on carts that allow pickers to move more quickly along the aisles. Checkweighingsystems check for overweight containers and ensure that they meet the minimum weight requirements. This farm is moving towards robotic picking and less handling of mushrooms with the help of static checkweighers.