metal detection system food processing

Metal detection system for food processing 

what is a metal detection system ?

When we talk about metal detection system , we may consider of ground metal detector system or security metal detector system, now today we discuss about metal detection system mainly used in food industry 

How many kinds of metal detection system for food processing industry ?

Gravity metal detector 

1, Conveyor belt system with metal detection, someone called it coneveyorbeltmetaldetector, It is a metal detection search head install on a conveyor belt, when some products transfer by belt it will pass through the metal detection head then detected ,The detection speed depends on the conveyor belt speed,Now viboo metal detection system max reach 80 bags per minutes 

2,Gravity fed system with metal detection ,This is a free fall style metal detection especially design for bulk or powder food, such as tea, milk, grain and related unpack  food ,The detection capacity based on the flow speed, Then the max throat of detection ,The higher speed, All metal materials such as ferrous,non-ferrous,sus can be detected by it 

3 Pipeline metal detection system ,This is a similar throat metal detection but can connect with with production tube , mainly meet liquid food and beverage detection and inspection.