Dual View X-ray security inspection equipment machine VMS-10080D

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The VMS-10080D (Dual View) medium-sized tunnel X-ray machine has been certified by the Ministry of Public Security, with leading international performance parameters. It can penetrate 46mm thick steel plates and has a line resolution of 0.0787mm for a single solid copper wire (40AWG), featuring one-touch power on/off and energy-saving characteristics. It has advanced material recognition capabilities, which can distinguish between organic, inorganic, and mixed materials based on the effective atomic number of the object being inspected, assigning different colors to aid operators in image identification and judgment.
The machine uses two independent X-ray source inspection systems to simultaneously collect image data from horizontal and vertical directions. Even if the object being inspected is placed at any angle, it can output a three-dimensional outline of the object, effectively distinguishing the shape of the object and solving issues such as missed and false inspections caused by obstructions.
Mainly used to detect hidden prohibited items and flammable and explosive materials in medium and small-sized goods, packages, mail, and luggage, such as controlled knives, firearms, fireworks, alcohol, ethanol, gasoline, sulfuric acid, etc.